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International Women’s Day

Women have the power and is empowered to make changes within themselves and others for the good. Ladies its your day to stand for what you need and desire in your life.

Hear Your Strength Here

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“Spirit Is With You”

Your Love One in Spirit have amazing ways to connect with the living left behind. Not only you can be aware of their spiritual presence but an psychic, Psychic Syrita can really tune in to the spirit who had passed and their message.

Connect to your love one


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Psychic Syrita broadcasts Internationally As A Top UK TV Psychic….where it began!!!


This is is humbling for me to see where I had started and how far I have come. I am grateful to have the recognition of being a Top Uk Psychic. At that time I had no idea my fate was sealed and was on a beautiful, spiritual journey to inspire and help others. I am grateful to be an leader in my field and is a great honour from a platform that had gave me a voice. It fantastic and is truly grateful that I have respect for my profession and personally on a national and international scale with various professionals, corporations and clients from all walks of life to A-list Celebrities.

Let me help find your Calling & Path Today!

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Valentines Special Offer Today Only…

Hurry….Only the first 5 people today to get 20 mins Phone Reading for Only ¬£45 worth ¬£120.

Book Today Here

Expires the 14th February 2018, midnight U.K.

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I Quote…Life Is Beautiful…

When you live abundantly…it is beautiful as you will feel you have enough at any given time.

More Inspiration Join Here!

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