Well thanks for your sms. Remember I told you that I went to a reading before and the cards showed full support and care from his side, but nothing in the future...And with you I didn’t even want to touch the cards, not to influence them, but they said again what I wanted to hear, not the reality. You found a lots of valid points regarding him. The guy seems totally neutral in his texts, and didn’t even want to meet me, not even wanted me to call him...I don’t think there will be any update regarding him, (and no other guy either) as he was totally cold, no emotions for me...
I might go to see you later on, maybe wait after the 17th, but I don’t think he cares any more...

Claudia, London

I had a very insightful and life changing reading with Syrita yesterday. Syrita saw immediately my life, the people in my life and certain circumstances which I am currently dealing with. I am so very grateful for her advice and guidance.
I DO recommend you contacting Syrita for an in-depth and powerful reading to help you see your life path.
Thank you so much Syrita.
Sonia, London
Love, Sonia x

Yesterday I had a lovely reading with Syrita. She has such a big presence, voice and personality! She radiates positivity & really made me feel welcomed into her home. Although it was our first meeting, by the time I left I felt as though we'd known each other for ages! Syrita is a person who really goes above and beyond to deliver a memorable experience by truly engaging with her clients & her most shining asset beyond her gift is definitely her own charismatic spirit.

Syrita touched on numerous things that were accurate; no one else could ever know what's happening with me below the surface but she accurately pin pointed where I'm at in my current life journey and left me with some uplifting words about good things that are set to manifest in the near future which I was very pleased to hear.

It was my first experience with a psychic and I loved how down to earth/relateable Syrita was which put me at ease & left me happy with my decision to follow my curiosity by going for a visit.
Rachel, London

Hi Syrita,
Thank you ever so much for your reading I really did enjoy was absolutely Amazing I must say. I really would recommend to my friends and family to come and listen you, you can sort out so many people life's just by your reading. I was a bit confused about my things and Life ones I heard you my mind relaxed now I know where to step forward now so massive thanks ones again and God Bless u!!!!
Irma, London

All I can say is thank you, you are truly amazing at what you do, you are so on point with everything that has been said and the advice you give is really really helpful you are defiantly someone I can recommend to others as you are so down to earth that you make your client feel at ease which makes the vibrations probably easier to pick therefore everything you say is more accurate I will defiantly be coming to you again that I promise, it was just soooooo amazing im still shocked at how accurate you are!!!
Much love
Kelly, Edmonton

Hey Syrita,
Just want to thanx you so much for everything you have an amazing heart and good valves keep it up keep being real!!!! I think that what you do is amazing you are so precise it gives me chills sometimes in a good way of course, I love how you connect with your clients and how you are very honest in what you are doing or saying you give such good advice with the reading and it usual works, you are very genuine and tell it how it is which is important. I cant even write what i want to say as i have no words to put on how lucky i am to have you there with your support and guidance truly amazing as simple as that i will support you as much as i can by coming to the shows etc but even then its not enough for what you have given me, you have enriched my life in such a spiritual way and im really grateful for it!!!!! 
Kelly, North london