Syrita's Glow

Butterfly Gift Reading

Surprise someone special with a warm, insight and uplifting reading, with a Butterfly Gift Reading.

This is a beautiful gift for that special person to share their liberating experience, with loved ones. The Butterfly Gift is for any occasion. You will receive a  gift card and envelope to give that special person. Please allow 3-4 workings days to receive.

Your gift card will be elegantly written and printed from the International Professional Psychic Syrita, from Syrita’s Glow from £35 credit to redeem within a luxury of 9 months. The person will be able to redeem their Butterfly Gift Card credit and use along with their top-up of their minutes bundle.

The minutes bundle chosen enables them to experience their choice of reading.

Why not be thoughtful…….Let your Butterfly Glow!!

Terms and conditions

This Butterfly Gift is used to only redeem your credit for your private reading. This Butterfly Gift card(s)/ voucher is non-refundable and non-exchangable. This card(s) amount must be used within the time limit given. If you decide within the time limit you want to top up, you will still be presented the remaining time left from the original time limit. This credit(s)/voucher(s) can not be used with any current discounts or offers. 

Note to recipient

Expires 9 months from the date of purchase.

I can use your name for any entertainment, media and social communication purposes. This excludes the contents of what was discussed and insights within your reading or used the other services.