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Psychic Party Online

Psychic Party is an uplifting, exciting, fun way to connect and bond with friends and/or family. Your Party can be held as a private event, gathering for any occasion/celebration online. You will have the opportunity to have your reading with the International Professional Psychic Syrita. Your party will consist of 6 people (Including the host). You and your guests will receive a 20 minutes reading, answering your wonderful questions with Insight to your personal journey.

Psychic party Includes:

Host £156.00

5 Guests £136.00 each

Psychic reading of 20 mins each person.

Your ears, beautiful smile and great energy is only needed for your session.

A beautiful, liberating personal reading session with Syrita.

(Please contact with any queries).

This is a fantastic bundle package as you have made a saving from £34.00, as the 20 minutes private reading bundle is £170.00 per person.

Explore the NEW way of celebrating……as you really will have MORE to celebrate with great insights to your life with your friends and/or family!!!

Terms and conditions/Cancellation

This service is non-refundable. After booking a confirm appointment for your psychic party, you have the right to cancel 24 hours before your appointment. You will not be issued a refund if you cancel before but you will be able to reschedule another appointment day and time within a 2 weeks period. If 24 hours commence into your appointment you will have to pay for another psychic reading session and arrange another appointment session. After the 2 weeks period for those cancelled before their appointment it will expire and will have to pay for another psychic party session and arrange another appointment session.

I can use your name for any entertainment, media and social communication purposes. This excludes the contents of what was discussed and insights within your reading or used the other services.