Syrita's Glow


Spiritual T-Shirt

Wear with flare Syrita’s Glow stylish unisex t-shirt.

Syrita is an International Professional Psychic. She is the face of the psychic spiritual world.

The T-shirt is a symbol of her love & light, on those who seek fulfillment and new beginnings. The design is a limited edition, in one size only, Blue and 100% cotton.

Enjoy with pleasure!!!

Terms and conditions

Syrita’s Glow- T-shirts are refundable within 14 days of item received and the buyer pays return postage. You may be entitled to exchange product if product is not received in mint condition.

can use your name for any entertainment, media and social communication purposes. This excludes the contents of what was discussed and insights within your reading or used the other services.

Care instructions

Wash garment in 30/40 degrees. Iron press with slight steam the garment inside out, with the tag hanging outside. This maintains the garment in great condition.

Thank you for purchasing. Enjoy your product!