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Into Your Year 2023✨

✨It’s a new year…2023✨

It’s never late in the year to start your year with optimism and positivity to see your results. 

Concentrate in one area of your life…then other areas will improve. 

Recently we had came out of Independent Aquarius New moon. The energy floated Imagination and invention…it was on peak. 
Get ready for your fiery, courageous, brave and love whole heartedly Leo Full Moon on the 5th February. No excuses to not to start or complete your mission. 

Numerology- 2023 universal cycle year number “7”.  Emphasis on introspection, learn, intuition and faith. No worries! Your personal cycle year can power you through to your personal goal.

The animal zodiac of the quiet, elegant, patient ‘Rabbit’ this Chinese New Year 🧧. The Rabbit calming gentle nature is fantastic to navigate us through this year especially lucky 🍀 for those who is born in the year of the ‘Rabbit’. 

If you don’t know…Find out your personal cycle year and how it will work for you. 
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