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About Syrita

Syrita is an International, professional psychic medium. Psychic Today TV show has given her the platform to speak to thousands of clients all over the world to ask those burning questions, such as relationships questions Will he/she contact me? When will he/she contact me? Does he/she fancy me? Will he/she commit in a relationship? Within a month of working on the show, Syrita was one of the top psychic’s and was then featured in Psychic Today magazine as one of the top psychic readers in the August 2012 issue.

Much of Syrita’s success has currently been from working on Psychic Today TV Show and she is a proud ambitious entrepreneur building her brand and business Syrita’s Glow.

Syrita is the Founder, Owner & CEO of Syrita’s GlowSyrita’s Glow enables Syrita to illustrate her growth, by developing her skills with her incredible natural gift blessed as a child. The brand/business presents Syrita’s live performance show, private readings, psychic parties, merchandise and personal contact with herself.

The business is growing to its potential with many clients and customers, some reaching internationally such as Ireland, Dubai, Caribbean and the USA with recommendations from regular returning private clients and celebrities spreading their liberating experience. Syrita hopes to empower, enlighten, uplift and give insight to individuals who want change, Joy, happiness and balance to have a positive future.

Syrita advertises her Gift with one of the popular magazine Soul & Spirit for her brand / business and live performance shows. Soul & Spirit magazine featured Syrita (TV psychic) in July 2013 issue as psychic of the month reader recommended from the magazines personal team reading.

Syrita was born and raised in Edmonton, North London. The Eldest of 5 children she was the creative passionate child who went on to university and graduated in Applied Arts (Art & Design)/ Furniture interior-design in 2005. Syrita was always aware of her blessed gift as a child growing into a young adult. In Syrita’s 20’s, knowing she was very intuitive she began developing her sensitivity through dreams, visions premonitions which was always encouraged by her mother.

Her mother Lenora Morgan-Gayle (gifted & spiritual herself) always embraced her and told her to listen, trust and allow it to guide her. Syrita knew growing into a young lady there was something rare about her, she is a warm, friendly, honest, compassionate individual who will always have time for others. Unaware of her this growing attribute Syrita manages to tune into individual feelings and would be able to say the best solution to their current situation, leaving the client to decide how to resolve their issue.

Syrita has great understanding to the needs and desires in people lives. She did not realise she was developing her natural gift daily over many years.
In Syrita’s 30’s she started having life changing experiences with spirits. As Syrita is a creative post graduate and is an ambitious, motivated and has a well driven attitude, which had lead her to experienced in working in distribution businesses. She realised her spirit guides was destine for her to work in her hidden passion as a psychic. Syrita had experience her awakening and was heighten in the spirit world, best described as her senses, visions, smells, hearing were even more sensitive as she developed her gift which came as second nature.

One of Syrita’s encounters was when a family member questioned out loud within the room, if their teenage boy was having intercourse due to his mysterious behaviour. Syrita was not paying much attention to the question as it was not directed entirely to her, but instantly was bothered with visions of a scene where the teenage boy had been lying down on the girl unclothed. She described the vision as very surreal but vivid detail was shown to her clairvoyantly.

Encounters such as these have enabled Syrita to read and interpret the meanings of her visions. Immediately after Syrita had her vision her answer was given as a yes, he is having intercourse and stated who with, as the girl was well known to the family. The next day double confirmation of her prior vision was presented, as the mother of the teenage boy found in his trouser pocket a box of condoms opened, with one missing. At this point Syrita knew she had become a master in her incredible gift and knew her destiny in the psychic world is beginning to help others.Syrita’s journey is evolving on a daily bases. She is always surprised with how she receives messages and type of readings she gives out. Syrita loves connecting with people. She is passionate with her responsibility of her gift and will continue to deliver to individuals the answers they seek.

Love & light x

‘You can change your life if you change the way you think’ with positive affirmation’s and clarity your empowered to your beautiful destiny.

— by Syrita, Love & Light…

Syrita's Spiritual Gift

Private Readings

Syrita is an International professional psychic medium. She is a natural born psychic, she has been aware of her gift since she was a child. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient and works with her spirit guides. Syrita uses tarot cards, angel cards and crystals and uses whatever she is drawn to, to give you an in-depth reading into your current situation. Syrita is a compassionate, direct, down-to-earth, friendly, sympathetic, intellectually grounded person, which is expressed as she gives her readings.
She specialises in love and relationships but can also give insight into your career and any obstacles in your path. She will tune into your voice vibrations, your aura and your energies. This enables her to work well by looking at the root of any situation and gives her an insight into all the different perspectives to allow her to present options that could help you find your solution. The information presented to you in your reading, will give you the insight, clarity and aid you to be uplifted to face head on your positive outlook of a bright future.
Syrita’s spirit guides will guide her flow in your reading to aid her to give you a better understanding and resolution to your situation.
Explore Syrita's Glow Genius ways to receive your private Readings...

All Emails Audio & Video Readings perks:

  • Unlimited listens & watches.
  • Unlimited playbacks.
  • Able to keep & store your reading for a lifetime.
  • Syrita’s file is a click away…’pocket fashioned’!
  • Save time on travel and travel expenses. 

All Live’s Call/Video Readings perks:

  • Virtual Live’s call/video.
  • Access to speak to Psychic Syrita Live.
  • Optional to observe your tarot/psychic tools used within your reading.
  • Receive instant response to your burning questions.
  • Save time on travel and travel expenses.

In-Person Readings perks:

  • Opportunity to be up, front and personal to see Psychic Syrita.
  • Enjoy the ambience of Psychic Syrita’s angelic presence. 
  • Experience and observe how Psychic Syrita works, laying tarot spreads or psychic tools used within your reading.
  • Receive instant response to your burning questions.
  • Save time on travel and travel expenses. 

60 Minutes

Thorough ln-depth clarity to answer challenging and life changing questions that gives you a sealed reassurance.
Having your reading done via audio, video & live Chat will save you on travel and expenses. Don’t worry! Syrita can connect just as well. This will allow you to have a reading in the leisure of your own comfort and planned around your own convenience. Your reading can be in person if preferred, as she is able to travel to an agreed location (with a travel fee that will be stated) on request. T&C ‘s on readings.
Please contact if you have any problems paying on the site and queries. Contact Syrita via email with the date, time and location you would like your reading. You will receive a reply within the next 24 hours in working days with the availability. 
Terms and conditions
I can use your name for any entertainment, media and social communication purposes. This excludes the contents of what was discussed and insights within your reading or used the other services.

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Psychic Course

Learn more how to see the world differently which could help you enhance your abilities and improve your outlook on life. 

2 In 1 Coach Sessions

Learn more how to see the world differently. Self worth and purpose will unlock the things you seek. This could help you enhance your abilities and improve your outlook and how you manoeuvre in your life. 

Did You Know this.....

Syrita produced her own Psychic Live shows events, Psychic TV host, Top UK Psychic, designer creator & her own YouTube channel.

Syrita touched on numerous things that were accurate; no one else could ever know what’s happening with me below the surface but she accurately pin pointed where I’m at in my current life journey and left me with some uplifting words about good things that are set to manifest in the near future which I was very pleased to hear.


Contact Syrita

You can contact me using the contact form on this page. I endeavour to respond to all messages within 24 hours of receipt. Thanks!

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Your reading could be done remotely to save on travel and expenses, Syrita can connect just as well. This will allow you to have a reading in the leisure of your own comfort and planned around your own convenience.

Syrita looks forward to speaking with you real soon.

Love & Light x