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Syrita’s Psychic Predictions…..On Khloé Kardashian Came True!

5 days I previously predicted Khloé Kardashian would give birth. Khloé was reported she was due around the 3rd week of April 2018. It’s great news it came true and is very pleased the universe delivered an healthy baby that would be loved & cherished.

I sensed Khloé Kardashian would have a baby boy….it’s possible I may of picked up her energy desiring/thoughts having a boy.  Khole was shocked it’s a girl! Who’s to say a baby boy could still come through….

It was fantastic Khole Kardashian & Tristan Thompson having great news to share to the world of them having a baby BUT….I had sensed there was more between them such as #engagement as they are already in engaged/committed or marriage on the cards.

I sensed they already declared long term commitment to one another and was planning their future, even before their unexpected beautiful surprise “new baby”. It was great news to see this revealed 2 months later from when I predicted as Wendy Williams announced it on her show 23rd March 2018. It’s also an honour to be validated with Kardashian News Tweet too!


It’s so lovely and nice to see lovely comments on my Khole Kardashian post that I had previously predicted and changed people lives. It’s so humbling and still is surprising to me when things really happen that I cannot explain my ability to see, feel and hear what had happen, is happening and will happen. Confirmation like this keeps me going and the courage as i am compelled to give Insight to those souls who need and like my help.

Thank you to my private clients, celebrity clients,  followers, subscribers and the universe for supporting me from the beginning whilst on my amazing journey. Love & light to you all and those I yet still need to cross paths with. 

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