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Raising money to Grow a partnership business to aid changing people lives


Hi ya!

Thank you for taking the time to view our story and being apart of our journey, in expanding a great opportunity to help change people’s lives.

My name is Syrita (person on the right of the photo) I am a natural born, professional, International Psychic with a 5 year running Psychic business called Syrita’s Glow and a 9 year old daughter. My sister Selina (person on the left of the photo) is a Professional Civil & Commercial Mediator, with a 3 years running Mediation company called SMG Mediation Ltd and she has a six year old son. We come from a happy, positive vibes family of 5 siblings (4 girls and one boy) with myself being the eldest and Selina being the middle child.

We both have always had a strong passion to learn, help and guide others to a positive mindset and lifestyle. As both our businesses reflect us as individuals, to help people to resolve their legal disputes through mediation. Give insight and uplift individuals in their relationships, career and life obstacles. Not to mention our bubbly, outgoing characters as told by many of our parties/clients and people we meet.

At present Selina and I have created systems individually that allow us to be a mother to our children first, without it being a strain on the business. As she has the privilege to drop and collect her son from school and take him to/from extra curricular activities. I have the privilege for over 2 years to teach my daughter through home schooling and freedom to travel the world.

Selina and I have decided to join sisterly forces and partnership to grow our existing businesses to enhance and craft these online systems. Helping thousands of people to start their own business/enhance their existing business, through a system that will give you time, location and financial freedom.

We need your help to grow this business to its maxinimum potential, so we can help others like ourselves to live the life they have dreamed.

Thank you!


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