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Syrita Predicts British Television…The BBC ‘The Great British Bake Off’.


We asked some psychics: who wins The Great British Bake Off?

We know you love The Great British Bake Off, you cheeky scamps.

You love the excitement. You love the unpredictability. You love the Mary Berry (even though she doesn’t love you back).

But we got impatient. We decided that we wanted to know who wins the competition right now. We couldn’t wait a few weeks, God darn it. So we decided to look into the future – by asking some professional psychics. They were bound to know. We told them who was still in the game – Flora, Tamal, Paul, Ian, and Nadiya – and they told us who they thought would win.

So surely they’d all say exactly the same thing, right? What with them all being genuine psychics…?

Syrita Lowers Morgan-Gayle

Syrita, a lovely psychic lady, trusted her instincts when we spoke to her: “I have psychicly tuned into the names you have presented to me. I feel a great spiritual sense that Nadiya has a strong will in her self to win and reach her soulful achievement.”

Syrita presents on the TV show Psychic Today and you can find more about her by waddling along to her website.

Syrita’s website, incidentally, includes this beguiling passage: “One of Syrita’s encounters was when a family member questioned out loud within the room, if their teenage boy was having intercourse due to his mysterious behaviour. Syrita was not paying much attention to the question as it was not directed entirely to her, but instantly was bothered with visions of a scene where the teenage boy had been lying down on the girl unclothed. She described the vision as very surreal but vivid detail was shown to her clairvoyantly.”

Well well well – which of these psychics is going to be proved right? Which is the most psychic? We’ll have to wait and see, won’t we.

We’ll have to wait and see…

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