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Syrita's Glow ' Psychic Insight Course'

Syrita’s Glow “Psychic Insight course”

Syrita’s Glow introduces psychic courses to showcase all her psychic knowledge and spiritual awareness to you.
Psychic Syrita is a International Professional Psychic as seen on TV Psychic Today, psychic presenter & reader, on Radio live and many FM/ online stations. She has live platform shows, clothering designer, director, film creator and a public motivational speaker.
Syrita’s clientele allows her gift to explore in the areas of love & relationships, work/career, finances, life obstacles & purpose.

The amazing Uplifting Psychic Insight course allows you to enter the non judgement world of
psychic spiritual awareness. The course will give you insight to develop your psychic abilities with an intensive 4 day programme for individuals who want to develop their psychic and spiritual abilities. The course is great for professional psychics and curious seekers from beginners to advanced level and is flexible to fit around your commitments. The course will involve practical and theory elements to showcase first hand a professional environment, to provide you more knowledge and confidence when you choose to explore this platform and It is a fantastic way to learn, earn immediately and efficiently. In completion of the Psychic Insight course it will allow you elevate immensely your skills and knowledge and you will be awarded with a certificate by Syrita’s Glow.

The course will cover topics and help develop your skills to:
– focus on Visualisation and Intuition;
– learn more on few of the psychic tools are used such as crystals, cards;
– learn the psychic field, numerology, astrology;
– learn how to conduct professional psychic and mediumship readings;
– learn how to rank your charges and create payment from potential clients.

The Psychic Insight course cost £636.
Deposit £100.

Booking / payment

Our Psychic Insight course can be booked over the phone on 07868948525 or via the website A non-refundable booking fee of £100 is paid to secure your place with any debit/credit card or PayPal payment. You will be contacted from the date of 14 days prior to the course commencement date to pay the remaining balance in full of £536.

Right to cancel

Syrita’s Glow operates the right to cancel policy. Within14 days prior to the course commencement date, the full course balance will be due £536.00 with this paid you will be able to commence the course. You have the right to cancel the course 7 days prior from the date the course commenced, the full balance is non-refundable if paid and you will be able to book on the next 2 available course dates if you are unable to attend the course date requested. If you are unable to attend the next 2 available course dates, you are able to attend further dates and pay in full a further £636.00 for the course.For more information contact me via my website

Syrita’s Glow service will ensure to support our students after you have passed the outstanding Psychic Insight course with any further help where ever is possible. We Wish you a successful Professional phenomenal career and to becoming an transitioned, heighten wise spiritual being.

Love & light


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