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Syrita’s Psychic prediction confirmation on Kim Kardashian West!

TV reality star Kim Kardashian helped a beautiful heart warming lady named Alice Johnson, set free from jail/ prison, In June 2018. check out clip from the ‘Keeping Up the Kardashians’ Series 15

Due to Kim Kardashian West gave a enormous impact on not only Alice Johnson but on across America and Donald Trumps way of forward thinking for the future.
In my reading (October 2018) of Kim Kardashian West I predicted she will feel inspired to make more changes in people rights and laws.
My reading in October 2018 gave confirmation which was discovered that my prediction had manifested and revealed. Kim Kardashian West and Kayne West is having their 4th baby this year 2019. I predicted their baby will be a beautiful baby boy from the same surrogate mother of their 3rd child, daughter Chicago West. It’s a fantastic blessing and news for them both, an addition to their immediate family and extended family!  It’s so beautiful to see yet again how a reading unfolds.
In January 2019 Kim Kardashian West announces her beautiful blessing live America Television on Andy Cohen.
Kim even confirms further which I predicted that she loves the process of surrogacy especially the beautiful bond she had developed with her previous surrogate.


It’s so lovely to see beautiful Kim Kardashian West is living her incredible life and is unfolding her blessings on what I had predicted. It’s so humbling and still is surprising to me when things really happen that I cannot explain my ability to see, feel and hear what had happen, is happening and will happen. Confirmation like this keeps me going the strength and courage as i am compelled to give Insight to those souls who need and like my help.

Thank you to my private clients, celebrity clients,  followers, subscribers and the universe for supporting me from the beginning whilst on my amazing profound journey. Love & light to you all and those I yet still need to cross paths with.

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